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About McCann Family Chiropractic

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Our Mission—Helping You Achieve Your Goals

At McCann Family Chiropractic, our primary goal is to meet you where you are and provide the holistic, natural health care you need to meet your goals. Whether your desire is to get out of pain, gain greater mobility, or create the highest level of health possible, we respect and honor that.

We strive to help everyone we see understand that healing comes from within. Most people don’t realize they have all this power inside them that’s just waiting to be unleashed! When freed of interference, your body has the amazing capacity to heal itself.

Serving Generations of Patients for Decades

Dr. Richard McCann has nearly 30 years of experience helping patients in the Johns Creek area, and since we help patients from children through adults, we often see two or three generations of the same family. Of course, Dr. McCann tailors care to each patient—we don’t adjust little kids the same way we adjust athletes, for example.

After practicing in the same location for 26 years, we moved to our current location in 2021. We stayed in the same area to continue serving our long-standing patients with the care they count on.


Providing Gentle, Evidence-Based Care for All Ages

Patients are often surprised at how gentle and effective our approach to care is. Using instruments to provide low-force adjustments without twisting or cracking can be ideal for children, expecting moms, and seniors. We also offer manual adjusting techniques for patients who prefer a hands-on approach.

Our care is based on a thorough examination process, including X-rays (we don’t X-ray children or pregnant women) and CLA INSiGHT® scans. These scans assess your muscle tone, heart rate variability, and nervous system function to give us a clear picture of where your body is holding onto stress. We don’t rely on guesswork when you trust us with your health. We take the time to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your symptoms and address it at its source.

Maximize Your Health Naturally

You deserve to feel and function great! Contact us today to schedule your first appointment.

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